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Wear changes the dynamics of the ball, and new balls replace it at intervals. Picking at the stitching to raise a seam is semi-legal, on the basis of 'dont-get-caught'.

Batsmen who stick in a 'play it safe' mode make for slow, dull-to-watch cricket; the one-day versions of the game are framed to make this unproductive for the batting team.

At the beginning the captains flip a coin to decide who chooses whether to bat or bowl first. Each captain will have made his preference based on light, weather, pitch condition, the composition of his team and his perceptions of the other team's weaknesses.

The batting team may chose to end their innings early - to 'declare', which forces the other team to commence batting. The choice will be governed by a number of factors; if one side builds up an unassailable number of runs it makes for a predictable outcome but time remaining is also a factor, for if the second-batting team is not left with enough time for all their batsmen to play the match is deemed a draw.