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Originally Posted by Cabin_Fever View Post
Whew! More than I can digest at this early morning hour, but explains a lot. Thanks, but I am even more confused. Where did all these rules develop? Sounds like a committee just made them up to complicate it all. I enjoy watching, but still puzzled by all of it. The television commentators don't help. They assume me, the viewer, knows what they are talking about.
My background: I know the rules of cricket, but not all the nuances. I grew up with baseball.

And I had the same impression as you, cricket is confusing but baseball is simple. Then I took an Indian visitor to a baseball game (his first ever). And as I was explaining the rules to him, it got more and more confusing. He was hopelessly lost after the first inning. You don't realize how many rules there are in baseball until you have to explain it.

"Strike 3, right?" "No, it was a foul ball." "But fouls are strikes, right?" "Not for strike 3."
"The catcher caught the foul ball so he's out, right?" "No, that's a foul tip - the ball didn't go high enough to count as an out."
"Is the runner out? The 3rd baseman got the ball before the runner was there." "No, it wasn't a force out so he's safe. If there had been a runner on 1st, he'd be out."
"Why is he running? The ball was caught. I thought it was a double play if you run and the ball is caught." "But he left after the catch so it's OK."

And this was just standard stuff - we didn't get to less common things like infield flies, running out of the baseline, balks, etc.