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Originally Posted by Biggirl View Post
I'm wondering what people who never played Classic think of it. I remember finding it almost unplayable without addons. Mostly because I sucked. Still am not very good at finding my way around without quests on the map. Enjoying the things a lot of people found annoying, like a reason for food, taking care of the pet you worked so hard to get and having to think about ammo and managing your bag. Feels more real and immersive.

Gonna see if I can't find me QuestHelper or whatever it was called.
I use the AddOns: Questie (for in-map quest help), Mapster (for better maps), Bagnon (for treating all bags as one giant bag), Bartender (for easier management of action bars and shortcut keys), and Vendor Price (so the tooltip shows the vendor price).

Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Couldn't they start off with extra servers (Atiesh 1 and Atiesh 2, and so on), and then merge them once the starting rush dies down? That would still provide continuity, just with (from any server's point of view) an influx of new players at some point.
Each server is a unique namespace for player and guild names. Combining servers always causes a lot of clashes. Also, each server develops a different culture, especially when there's no cross-server interaction like in the current WoW. Mixing two small isolated communities doesn't always work out well. Plus, there's the whole "dying server" stress that inevitably happens before a server merge.

I don't know the right way to handle the rush vs die-off, but there's good arguments for any approach. I'd hope Blizzard has the smarts to do the best.