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I'm on Hydraxian Waterlords. Ardulace (lock) or AlinoŽ (drood). It's a small, homey server with zero queues. Except at launch minute, where it was really funny to see a queue extending all the way to the exit of that trogg dungeon in the dwarf starting zone to kill that one named. I took a couple screenshots I shall title "how hard are you willing to work for 450 XP ?"

Anyone managed to get a "dot duration remaining displayed" addon to work ? Neither Domino nor NeatPlates seem to be able to do it - everything else works fine except that.

Originally Posted by Pleonast
I'd hope Blizzard has the smarts to do the best.
"You think you do, but you don't". Also the slow death of retail since Cata. Blizzard has stopped being able to read their public for a while now.

Originally Posted by Biggirl
I'm wondering what people who never played Classic think of it. I remember finding it almost unplayable without addons. Mostly because I sucked. Still am not very good at finding my way around without quests on the map. Enjoying the things a lot of people found annoying, like a reason for food, taking care of the pet you worked so hard to get and having to think about ammo and managing your bag. Feels more real and immersive.
I gotta admit, I was... intrigued early on to get to play an MMO with zero quest markers or hand holding at all, not even help actually *finding* the quest givers, some of which are hidden in nooks and crannies. It was fun for a couple of days to rely on reading quests and asking the chat where the hell Big Bad Evil Guy is.
Then a mate introduced me to Questie and it's just so much healthier to my quest completion OCD.

Also, that Alliance-side druid Aqua form trek was as bullshit as advertised. I loved it, swam from Menethil harbour to the shores of Westfall with a 6-pack, a dream and a guild chat .
Speaking of : having to have 8 people sign on to form a guild is bullshit. And no guild vault is soooo painful .

But I really enjoy the exploration and the combat. Everything is big and slow, there are lots of hidden sights. Even with Questie, it feels really rewarding to find your own little corner of the realm away from the horde. It's kinda weird how initially the mob tagging mechanism made me annoyed at other players for "stealing" my shit or barging in on MY spawns ; but now that I grok that it's just a way to force lots of impromptu PUGs to form and disband all the time, I kinda like it.

Some dude paid me more as a tip for making 3 bags than I would have asked to sell him some I made from scratch. So that was nice. People seem very happy and friendly in general (although I had to cut the zone chat because, well, it's an MMO zone chat ).

Symptoms of depression : heading to a mining node tucked away, and hearing "clink, clink, clink" as you reach it.

I'm pleasantly surprised my scantily clad elf druidette hasn't yet received a single handout or indecent /tell. Maybe old gamers have evolved ?! Maybe they've finally internalized that every hot chick is a dude ?