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Actually, you had to spend a wee bit more than $675 to buy that $675 ship. From here:
On Saturday, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games announced, at a special dinner in Frankfurt, Germany, a new ship with a mine-laying mechanic coming to the game. It will be called Aegis Nautilus Solstice. And the price of Aegis Nautilus Solstice? $675. The price of the tickets to attend the ship’s announcement? $274.73. The minimum one would have to spend on Star Citizen to gain special access to buy a ticket? $1000. In total, a Star Citizen player would have to spend $1949.73 at the very least to attend the dinner and purchase the yet-to-be-released in-game spaceship with a yet-to-be-implemented feature in a game that still doesn’t have a full release.