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Originally Posted by dalej42 View Post
Let’s try to be as flexible as possible but I understand we only have until Thursday to get through the draft.
Technically, we have until the 9th because yahoo will let you backdate week 1 lineups if your draft runs long.

As for skipping Retro for being on the clock now 14 hours (and right now it's 4am in Australia), it may be moot anyway. RNATB is next on the clock and for all we know he may be under 20 feet of water down there in Florida. He posted about the Hurricane upthread:

Originally Posted by Really Not All That Bright View Post
Sorry guys. I was prepping for the hurricane yesterday and didn't log on. [...] I'll PM Hamlet. Depending on the weather, I may have to send a list of potential picks to Beef or something.
Right next to that post I see Retro responded to this comment from me:

Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
Retro and RNATB have hurt us by going extra slow right when slowness was starting to become a problem.
Once they both got back online we really should have gotten preranking lists from both of them: Category 5 Hurricane barreling down on you and being in Australia are both excellent, bullet-proof excuses, but that's only further reason we should probably have taken measures to mitigate the delays.

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