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Neither RNATB or Retro sent me any pre-rank lists. If you're going to be gone for an extended period, please do that.

We should (obviously) get this draft done before the NFL season starts and this is definitely the slowest we've ever been. We're at risk for not finishing if we continue to allow 12+ hour delays.

So, yes, as much as I hate to skip anyone, and out of necessity, let's say that RNATB is now on the clock. Mostly I'm doing that so that RNATB's countdown isn't just starting later today if we give retro another 8 hours, because then we'd be looking at spending 2 full days on 2 picks.

So either Retro or RNATB can make the next pick, whoever gets back first. Since it goes Retro, RNATB, Hamlet, RNATB, that means that RNATB should send me a pre-ranked list for that next pick too.

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