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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
I was shocked that Retro didn't take Pollard. He has Zeke Elliott and, instead of grabbing his backup and likely weekly starter until Zeke comes back, he took Darwin Thompson (who I'm not a fan of) who is a lower drafted, smaller backup. I get that the Chiefs have a much better offense, but Thompson isn't (and may never be) a starter. Weird to me.
Drafting Pollard is a purely a short-term play for my team. If I believe that Elliott is going to continue being the All-Pro for Dallas that he is then Pollard is never more than a handcuff. Which if my team was a championship contender would be the obvious play. But cost a lot for a 1st round pick.

I saw Thompson as the most likely 2nd stringer RB left to make a significant impact with his team longterm. This became more likely after the Hyde trade and then less likely with the McCoy signing.

Either way, a Sproles type player in that Chiefs offence is a gamble I'm willing to take.