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Originally Posted by Gray Ghost View Post
Absolutely enraging. They could not have fucked that up anymore if they'd tried. And they still don't have a good enough line to protect Watson.

The Clowney debacle was predictable by everyone with a more than room temperature IQ. I would be a horrible, abysmal football GM, and I would've done better than this.

Utter shitshow. I've checked out till they've canned O'Brien and the rest of their executive team.
Did you also see that baked into the deal, was that the Texans would pay $7 million of Clowney’s $15 million contract this year? John Schneider (Seattle GM) made out like a bandit. Apparently the $8 million that Seattle is paying Clowney is offset by the $8 million they’re saving from giving two backup players to Houston in the trade (and they were planning to cut Mingo anyway).