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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
I've never owned Sproles, but by my recollection, he had one season (2011) as a potential starter and years as maybe a weak flex play for the rest of his career.
I meant as in skill set with his ability to catch out of the back.

I dont see Thompson as ever being a starter, with a potential top end as a flex play I would never want to rely on. But you own Zeke, and Pollard is his clear backup and talented in his own right with full time starter potential. To me, Pollard has both more upside potential and backup value. Having the backup to a guy you already own is so much more important than having the backup (who maxes out as a part timer even if he starts). But, as always YMMV.
I get it, but I see Thompson as having the most upside in his situation. So for me to draft Pollard is using my 1st round pick to select a handcuff where (as I see it) DT has more upside would be a short term play.