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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
No one cared or was impressed that I drafted 0 RBs. Come on, that's gotta be super unlikely.
You didn't draft 0 RB's. You drafted 1 stud RB and 2 solid starters with 3 cheap keeper picks, then chose not to add any more depth. It's an interesting strategy for the position that is most vulnerable to injury loss, but it is hardly a "0 RB" strategy.

You have a rock solid starting core, obviously, but I do wonder how you started with one position locked up and still ended up without a stud TE and nothing but future potential behind your top 2 WR. Maybe you know something about Kirk that I don't - almost certain, actually as the Cardinals are so far off my radar this year that I want to build a wall to keep them out of my fantasy rosters - but 4 rookies and a second year PR/slot receiver is a big bet that your house money stays strong all year.

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