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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
We have Subway in the UK but never gave it a thought that it refered to the sandwich itself, I just thought it was a name for a shop that attached itself to that type of sandwich, you are saying it is the other way round?

None of those other names have much UK recognition either I don't think.
you had it correct, the name is just attached to the style of sandwich, there's no sandwich I'm aware of called a "subway." it's just a play on words, they sell sub sandwiches and most people are familiar with the word "subway" in the rail sense.

but names for this style vary by region:

it's not always consistent either; as chains branch out to other regions they sometimes bring the name with them. In Detroit, if I go to Tubby's, Subway, or Bommarito's, I'm getting a sub or submarine sandwich. If I go to Bellacino's, I'm getting a grinder.

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