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Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
does CR have vampires/werewolves/zombies? or is it the more classic mythical creatures (pixies, satyr, Kobolds, etc... (Kobolds, hmm, like Harry Potter House Elves?)
No vampires (at least not that we've seen), but there is a werewolf-like "curse" called a marrok, and the darkasher I mentioned is a sort of franken-undead - it's a creature assembled out of other dead creatures. According to one person who can make them they are have no awareness of their own, but who really knows?

They have pucks (satyrs/fauns), centaurs, pix (pixies), kobolds, and trow (trolls) that are named types we've seen so far. The kobolds may or may not be particularly intelligent - they might be highly trainable animals, or differently intelligent people, it's a bit ambiguous.

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