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Originally Posted by DPRK View Post
I would claim that fajitas are not Mexican food. (They are usually encountered in a Tex-Mex restaurant, not Azteca.) Nor is a New York-style pizza an Italian pizza. Not that it is impossible to serve authentic cuisine in a foreign country, but if most Italians cannot recognize your panino then it is stretching things to call it an "Italian sandwich". I am all for creativity in food, however.
Whether you agree or not, the name of the sandwich, which was invented by Italian immigrants and made from mostly Italian cured meats and Italian cheese, is "Italian sub." If you want to nitpick I suppose you could call it an "Italian-American sub," but no one does.

If fajitas were developed by Mexicans in Texas, it's still a kind of Mexican food regardless of whether it was invented in Mexico. Corned beef and cabbage is more an invention of Irish-Americans than something typical of Ireland itself, but it's still Irish food.