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Originally Posted by DPRK View Post
I would call it a "Neopolitan-American pizza" if it's not the traditional food. (It's not a *geographical* thing, but there are actual guidelines for the ingredients or techniques you may use, otherwise the "specialitÓ tradizionale garantita" people start getting on your ass.)

Anyway, it's not a bright line. I'm just suggesting that it may be possible to push things far enough so that any Italian will say, "That was good, but it was not an Italian sandwich/pizza." Anecdotally, I have heard with my own ears an Italian apologize that she couldn't make a bruschetta quite right because she couldn't find the proper flour outside Italy...
And I'd be willing to be that Ligurians and Pugliese probably argue about what the "proper" way to make some dishes is, while the Sudtirolers probably think they're both wrong.

Pizza, for example comes in multiple styles in Italy alone, some of which are less similar to Neapolitan pizza than NYC pizza is.