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Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
Back in high school when I attempted to learn bass (never got anywhere with it) the first song I asked my teacher to help me with was the John Mellencamp/Me'shell Ndegocello version of Wild Night. After listening to it a few times in only took him a few minutes to figure it out and start teaching it to me.
I have no idea how good you are and I couldn't even pretend to play anymore, but the intro to that song seems pretty simple.

Also, I don't know if this makes a difference, but isn't Money in some oddball time signature. I feel like it makes regular appearances on various top ten lists because of that. If you're trying to work it out by ear (instead of finding tabs/sheet music for it) that could make it harder than it appears at first glance.
I'd try that Mellencamp song, but I can't stand his work. But, thanks for the suggestion!

Money wasn't hard to figure out. Parts are in 7/8 time, but I'm just playing along with the notes, so it doesn't screw me up. If I were trying to play the drum part, that might be a different story. It helps that the bass part is mixed so hot in the track.