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Originally Posted by RitterSport View Post
Do you mean this Pink Floyd song:

It's sort-of a Revolution 9 song, not much melody there. I must be missing something.
Ooof, right in the yarbles. It's nothing like Revolution 9, other than it's not a standard song structure. Listen again. If not a melody, there's certainly a motif. To emphasize the contrast with Revolution 9, it may as well have been done in one take. That guitar part is hard in its own way, and I've seen more than one person play a semblance of it live, and heard at least one early live version from Floyd that dwarfs the one on record.

It might not be your thing, but everything can't be effectively summed up by a comparison to a Beatles song.

And yeah, jamming your way through a long freakout may not be what you meant by easy parts. Getting back into a groove smoothly out of one can be difficult.

Originally Posted by ZipperJJ View Post
When I was a kid my "band" played "When I Come Around" by Green Day and I was able to learn it.
Yeah, I was able to learn that one reasonably well in a week for a cover band at work. It's not hard.

If you don't have a Zeppelin aversion, John Paul Jones is reasonably easy and a quite tasteful bass player.

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