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Originally Posted by minor7flat5 View Post
As a slight tangent, my go-to tool for any kind of transcription or practicing of bass lines is this:

Capo for iOS / MacOS

If you have either an iPad, iPhone, or a Mac, you can use this software. It's more convenient on the Mac, and it's definitely easier to see on an iPad than an iPhone, but it still works very well for all of these platforms.
Ah, you whippersnappers w/ your apps and devices. Conjured up memories of trying to drop the needle correctly to figure out the various instrumentation - not to mention lyrics... Still not sure what the hell Peter Gabriel was singing about on Modern Love!

Re: on-line tabs and such, be very wary about those. I wanted to work up Tom Waits' Come on Up to the House. First looked on-line for words and chords and printed a few off. Not a single one had it as I heard it when I tried to work it out. Didn't even get the key right (Eb - to my ear.) Of course, after figuring out what key I could SING it in (turned out to be A), I decided with the folk I would be playing it with I preferred a different bass line and feel. (IMO not much would be stupider than trying to imitate TW!)

On edit, Beatles songs featuring the 2d Paul McCartney have some tasteful lines. Make clear why they killed the 1st Paul off!
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