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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
If the pool is shallow, it's because of experience, not talent.
If this is true—and I have no reason to believe that you're wrong—then I wonder whether the NFL's reliance on college football might not hurt as much as it helps. Sure, the NFL gets a massive pool of talent to draw from, without paying a nickel. But it is also limited in a way that, say, AAA baseball is not.

I wonder if the NFL would benefit from a professional "minor league" that would field not only kids fresh out of college (or even high school), but that might also give a talented player some time to develop experience in a venue that's not as tough as the big time, but that might be bigger and faster and more akin to the pros than college football is.

I know this isn't going to happen, of course, but I wonder whether it might allow for the development of more experienced players for the league to choose from.