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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
I love this film, and own a copy of it. The brilliant part of it is that it's simply a compilation of films and TV programs with no voice-over narration, or any dialogue that's not in the original.
Remember that panel talk show with the politician who wanted to use nuclear bombs in the Korean War?

War Hawk Politician: "Yes, there are several targets north of the Yalu River we could use. We could destroy them! We could destroy them and contaminate them!"

Me watching movie: Down boy! Down, I say! Down!

But what I found most amusingly disturbing, beside Bert the Turtle of course, were the little topical songs they played. Such as:

"There were no atheists in a foxhole.
And men who never prayed before
Lifted up their eyes and hearts to heaven,
And begged the Lord to end that awful war.

They prayed to Him about their homes and loved ones,
And how they would love to be there.
I think the bomb that hit Hiroshima
Was the answer to a fighting boy's prayer."

The quotes are approximate from memory of years ago, but you can see, I watched it a number of times, and it made an enormous impression on me.