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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
I'm pretty sure it's deliberate, to fictionalize everything (since it's not set on Earth anyway).

How so?
I take it back. At first I thought they were mangling the spelling out of ignorance, like they couldn't be bothered to take even a passing interest in Celtic languages and mythology, which would have been a bit disrespectful, but it's quite deliberate— and, evidently, successful — at creating the uncanny effect that something is out of kilter. Especially since I cannot put my finger on the system behind the funny spellings. "Ignota" seems like perfectly spelled Latin, for instance. (Good old Terra Ignota)
It's a town, but in the Faun/Puck homeland of Puyan on the continent of Ignota, not Tirnanoc. They don't seem to have a Celtic place naming thing going on there.
I gathered that, but what mythological island/city/realm does it represent?

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