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I'm another one of those Gen-X that was supposed to be terrified by a risk I'd already internalized. If anything it was a risk that was on a downward trend.In 1983 the Soviet Union was already limping towards the glasnost and perestroika era that began just a few years later.
I was in elementary school in '83, but I wasn't terrified of the Day After. Just more resigned it was going to happen, so be prepared, and enjoy the spectacle. Which I did, when watching that broadcast. Much better eye candy than Threads. The rockets launching, and weird optical effects when the bombs detonated, were really cool.

I'm surprised it didn't happen, those last 10 years of the Cold War, and the first few afterwards. The Coup against Gorbachev ended far better than anyone could have hoped. Ditto the unrest with Yeltsin.