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All right; cycle 50.

My dupes are hurt. But I think they'll get better. I found a copper volcano, which is nice since it means I can avoid a metal refinery for the time being, but I have no atmo suits yet (they need copper themselves, not to mention a better oxygen supply and power). So my dupes have been braving the volcano naked and suffering for it.

They've also been trying to clear out the water geyser, which I'm going to need pretty soon (there are only tiny pockets of free water on the map, polluted included). It's hot and they're scalding themselves there as well.

So they're injured a lot, but on the upside I finally built a hydrogen generator to do something with the excess hydrogen that I've so far been letting rise to the top of my base. I still need to automate it properly so as not to waste the hydrogen, but I'll take what I can get for now.

Thankfully, base heating is not yet a problem and it looks like I'll have time to do something about it before it's an issue.

I see an oil reservoir nearby that I can tap into. Once I do that, energy shouldn't be a problem. But I need the atmo suits first.

Another problem is that there's no iron and very little gold amalgam so far. So all my buildings overheat at 75, which isn't much. But there is a little gold and if I'm careful there's probably enough for the critical parts, at least until I discover iron.