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Cycle 100! Not much changed since last time. I'm edging towards sustainability, but I still have to face the heat problem. I put it off for a bit by sealing off my base but it's still going to be a problem, and I still don't have an ice biome to tap.

I forgot how inefficient the petroleum generator was. The leaky oil fissure isn't quite enough to power my base. So, still using manual generators. I think I will have to tap into the oil reservoir after all (using an oil well). That should give me enough margin for my other plans.

I did at least run across some small iron deposits. It's not much, but I don't need a lot. Just enough for an aquatuner and a few other items. Then I can build a steam turbine/aquatuner loop and stave off the heat. At least my dupes are no longer always in the hospital burn ward since building the atmo suit dock.

I'm sticking with just 4 dupes for the time being. I was careful with the selection and made sure they had a broad set of skills. I chose the +1/+1/+1 combo for each one to maximize the morale boost.