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Cycle 150.

Pulled off a huge coup--two hydrogen geysers right next to each other. This was a huge benefit and means I can actually get ahead of things, power-wise. I'm also close to finished with the pre-space research, so I'll have an extra dupe from now on. I had occasionally been putting my research dupe on other duties, but for the most part he was researching or analyzing geysers, so it'll be nice to have him do real work for a change.

Besides that, I have steel production going, but it's slow due to the lack of eggs from creatures. There are pockets of fossils, so I should be all right, but they really aren't making it easy.

Did I mention all the sand? Like 1/3 of the tiles are sand. It's annoying to cut through because it falls, and it's almost worthless. Bleh.

In any case, things are still going fairly smoothly. Once I have some steel produced, I'll finally be able to get some real cooling going.

Screenshot in case you're interested. Look at the sand!