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Originally Posted by RitterSport View Post
Do you mean this Pink Floyd song:

It's sort-of a Revolution 9 song, not much melody there. I must be missing something.
You missed the first minute of it. I was referring to the guitar+bass riff at the beginning, not to the abstract atonal jam that followed. That guitar+bass riff is also reprised about a minute from the end. I wasn't suggesting you mess with the stuff in the middle!

When I was young some friends of mine who couldn't read music and could only play open-tuned guitar chords with a single finger would jam together. They mostly played Hawkwind songs, but I first learned "Interstellar Overdrive" from jamming with them. The riff starts on B and descends to low E based on an elaboration of the chromatic scale. I recommended it as good figure-it-out material.