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There's no legal option to stream the game of your choice in the US. The NFL has made every exclusivity deal they can manage and so everything is tied expensive packages, most obviously DirectTV Sunday Ticket, but you also need to have an expensive cable package to get NFL Redzone for example (which I'd subscribe to directly if that were an option). Every streaming option I've ever seen is just an alternate way to view whatever the over the air game would be for your region.

The rest of the world gets to use NFL Gamepass to stream live games, which is a really great way to watch games, but not available legally in the US. Some people use VPNs to appear to be from other countries to stream that way within the US, but that's a violation of the terms of service and no guarantee they won't stamp it out.

I'd love a legal streaming option like that, I'd pay (and have paid) a few hundred bucks a year for it, but the NFL is too entrenched with its current distribution model to allow such a thing.

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