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Originally Posted by Unpronounceable View Post
Low on phosphorite? Are you not ranching glossy drekos for plastic? They poop the stuff.
I did on my other (1700 cycle) base, but on this one I haven't had time to set up a ranch yet. Also, I only just found a chlorine geyser, but being almost at the top of the map it's going to take time to tap. Since mined resources are so limited on this map, I need to be careful not to grow things that use something non-renewable. The chlorine/balm lily/drecko ranch is a good one but like I said, I needed chlorine first.

I'd like a pincha peppernut supply but I have no polluted water source other than what I can produce via power plants and carbon scrubbers. That might work out--I have a CO2 geyser that I can use as a renewable source of polluted water. But again I haven't had time to set it up. Not starving due to overheated crops has been more on my mind.