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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Cycle 300 on Oasisse.

Things are running very smoothly now, with ample stores of hydrogen, natural gas, petroleum, and oil. Water is still from a hot geyser, but my cooling system continues to work well, and so I've managed to convert my crops to bristle blossoms, which demand reasonably cool water.

My vent selection, while by no means terrible, isn't particularly broad. I haven't explored 100% yet, but it looks like I'm not getting a polluted water geyser. The hydrogen is nice, but I also have several polluted oxygen vents, which are basically useless.

So I'll have to make my own from CO2 vents and carbon skimmers, which is fine. Need to figure out the throughput on on that. Hopefully it's enough to supply at least a few pincha pepper plants.

I also have salt water and chlorine geysers, which will come in handy later on. For now, my dupes are just happy to not be eating meal lice all the time.
Won't polluted oxygen become oxygen with a simple deodorerizer which takes sand (of which you have plenty)?