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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
At that, Garth Brooks got his seventh Number One hit on the Billboard country charts by listening to Billy Joel’s song “Shameless” and realizing, hey, if you sing it with a twang, those lyrics and that tune are right in my wheelhouse...
That's the formula: turn down the band relative to the vocals, add an acoustic guitar, and above all, "country up" the accent.

Originally Posted by garygnu View Post
The Beatles' "I've Just Seen a Face" is a mandolin or banjo away from being pure bluegrass.
"Tomorrow Never Knows" is about as far from country as you can get. But the chord progression (I-bVII) fits in with bluegrass. We did a version that fooled everyone (we added a IV chord change, and changed the lyrics, "it is not dying" to "it ain't dyin'".

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