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Originally Posted by penultima thule View Post
I think that is a fair assessment.
My quibble would be the descriptor "only others" ... 5 of 11 is a pretty even share.
This is a fair point, and on review, I discovered what the issue was with my (not written down at that point) composite side - I had 12 people in it, with one more batsman than I should have had.

The major issue for any composite side in this series is that one of the opener slots is essentially empty - I mentally slotted Denly in, even though I don't really rate him and had Root at 3 because 3 is also a black hole in Australia's line up - but then had one too many in the middle order with Smith, Labuschagne, Stokes, Wade and Paine.

Having someone open from this lot - Labu seeming like as reasonable a call as any - might be the way around it - but given Root has essentially opened all series for England, I think I settle on having him bat 2, since he's been doing it anyway, and have Smith bat 3, since he's been doing it anyway too.

So Burns, Root, Smith, Labuschagne, Stokes, Wade, Paine, Cummins, Broad, Hazlewood, Lyon - feels about right and gives England only 4 players in the side, which also feels right.