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Despite Shane's presence, I still liked the way SD opened. Undertaker came out with his full moon and lightning, started a dark, somber promo about the new talent, then Sami Zayne's music all the sudden started. O-o-O-o-Oooo O-o-OoOo-Ooooh! It was perfect. Zayn acted oblivious of UT's history with interlopers and ate a chokeslam.

I think I remember from Jericho's podcast Zyne got in hot water with UT when he first came to WWE. They had a chartered plane with all the WWE personnel aboard, and there's an unwritten rule that veterans get the best seats. Zayn took one of those seats, and Mick Foley told him UT sits there. Zayn thought he was kidding, and caught heat from UT when he showed up. That angle was bound to recur some day.