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God, who knows anything about 1990-2010 arcade games? 1990 was pretty much ground zero for when PC gaming became a real thing- the introduction of VGA and the SoundBlaster sound cards suddenly made PC games much more attractive, relative to the arcade games.

Plus, the fourth generation consoles came out about then (SNES & Sega Genesis) and they also pushed up against the arcade console quality. By the end of the 1990s/beginning of the 2000s, PC games and consoles (Playstation & original Xbox) were well beyond arcade games' graphics, sound and playability.

If you really wanted to wow a 1980s kid, send back an Xbox 360 or PS2 along with a set of popular games. That would be FAR more impressive than shooting back some lame latter-day arcade game like those stupid Terminator ones, or "House of the Dead" or whatever.