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Originally Posted by Arcite View Post
I'm not nearly as far along in the game as most here (I hate it when everyone's been playing a game in early access and then I don't get it until its official release by which time all the discussion has already been had,) but if your goal is to get phosphorite, you don't need to feed them balm lilies, which means you don't need a chlorine atmosphere. You can feed them mealwood plants, which makes them more likely to reproduce as glossy dreckos. Put a little hydrogen at the top of the room, and you get free plastic.

Anyone have a good tutorial on base cooling? I'm at the point where I need to start dealing with it, and most tutorials I've found are based on earlier versions of the game in which, I gather, there were a whole lot more exploity options for cooling. I've found two anti-entropy thermo nullifiers, but don't really understand how to use them. If I set up a cooling loop and run water past them in radiant pipes, won't the water eventually freeze in the pipes?
Yeah, don't use water, use gas pipes. I usually have one with hydrogen (that just loops forever) and another with oxygen which I pump into hot spots.