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How would the bill not give CA schools a recruiting advantage? If I was an athlete being recruited by different schools, and playing in a CA school meant I could get legally-protected endorsement deals, I’d probably favor them. It’s like the underhanded ways recruiters get kids and/or their families paid to get them to go to their schools, but now the law says it’s allowed. You can call it a threat, but it’s also not an unreasonable response from their perspective.

If the law passes, the NCAA will then have 3 choices. Do nothing, and allow schools in one state to have a clear advantage. Tell the schools there that they are now ineligible to be in the NCAA because their state law violates NCAA rules. Or, change the rules so that they allow all athletes to get endorsements, because one state forced your hand.

I think they really hate that last option. And I think they might follow through on their threat. They’re dead-set against players making money, and I think they really don’t want California pushing them around. I’m interested to see what happens.