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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Ahh, but then I need dirt. And while I do have a lot of dirt, it's fundamentally a finite resource. Of course, I can use Pips to make dirt, but Pips need Arbor trees, which need polluted water (quite a bit of it). And I have no polluted water geyser. I do have some CO2 geysers, which I am now scrubbing to get polluted water, but I need to do the math on what that can support.
Can't you also get dirt from sieving the polluted water from your industrial processes, and composting renewable organic material? Of course, I haven't done the math on whether that would provide enough dirt.

Build a little chamber around the nullifier and pipe in hydrogen. It won't freeze and has great heat capacity for a gas. I typically put a pump in the room, pipe it up to what needs cooling, and then going back to the chamber it splits between the nullifier itself (which needs hydrogen) and a high-pressure vent. Then, a separate low-pressure vent acts as a fill port and pipes in hydrogen from the source. This way, the fill port keeps the system topped off at a reasonable pressure, but it also doesn't run into weird overpressure bottlenecks, since the high-pressure vent can always discharge.

Generally, though, I use steam turbines. A turbine sits in an insulated box above another insulated box, each 5x3 units. The lower box contains a steel aquatuner sitting in a layer of petroleum, and then some water. The aquatuner cools water or supercoolant from a separate reservoir controlled by a thermostat. The coolant passes by the turbine on its way back to the reservoir to keep it cool, since it will overheat after a while otherwise. A separate thermostat disables the aquatuner if it gets above 230 C. The output from the turbine pours right back into the steam box to reheat. You can see a few examples in my screenshots in post #546.

It's an incredibly powerful self-contained cooling unit. With water, it can cool at 585 kDTU/s, compared to a nullifier at 80 kDTU/s or a wheezewort at 12 kDTU/s. With supercoolant, that goes up to 877 kDTU/s.
Thanks. It's a little intimidating to think I need to be making enough power for that 1200 watt aquatuner to run continuously, in addition to all my other equipment, though. I guess I need to take the plunge and build more power plants. Fortunately, I have two natural gas geysers. But first I need to set up a system for dealing with the polluted water runoff.

Can anyone tell me exactly what the "glum" vs. "overcrowded" debuffs on your critters do? I found a post on another message board saying "overcrowded" slows their reproductive rate, while "glum" slows their metabolism (e.g., hatches will produce coal more slowly.) Is that it? The wiki doesn't say.