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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
It won't run continuously--because there's so much cooling power, it'll likely be at a low duty cycle. Plus, the turbine gets you much of that back.
Where would you put the thermostat sensor to turn it off--in the pipe of coolant itself, or in the region of the base you're trying to cool down? I would think it would run for a long time at first while it got the temperature down, before it started cycling on and off.

I checked out the screenshots of your base. Very impressive. So in your steam turbine setups, you put the petroleum to be heated by the aquatuner, and the water to be boiled into steam, in the same chamber? I think the guy who made those guides to Surviving the Early/Mid Game that were cited earlier put crude oil below with the aquatuner, then above it a row of metal tiles, then the water/steam chamber above that. Any advantage to doing it one way vs. the other?

Also, it looks like in your screenshots, you've got some steam turbines where the chamber below doesn't have an aquatuner, just a liquid vent and a gas pump. What's going on there?