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Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post
Senna's F1 debut was in 1984, so he had 10 full seasons before he was killed near the start of his 11th.

A better candidate, looking back a bit further, would be Jim Clark, whose first F1 race was in 1960, giving him 9 active years to his death in 1968. Both Senna and Clark are definitely in the pantheon of all-time greats.

Then there was Fangio, who had 24 wins in 51 starts between 1950 and 1958, with a year out in 1952.
I thought of Senna and Clark, too. I knew each died in his prime, but had to look up how long their careers were.

I'll check on Mark Donohue when I have some time. He raced in several different series so I'm not sure where to consider the beginning of his career. If you just count Can-Am, it's probably only a few years.