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Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
Hey now...given the parameters of your requests I thought that was a pretty good trade. What was wrong with it?
I mean, I normally wouldn't post stuff like this in the thread, but since you asked

I wanted an upgrade at TE for a downgrade at QB. You offered Roethlisberger for Rodgers, which is fine, and Tyler Eifert for Vance MacDonald. Fantasypros, which is a good neutral aggregator services for rankings, puts Vance MacDonald as the #8 TE and Tyler Eifert as the #25 TE.

So I'd be trading the #3 QB and the #8 TE for the #14 QB and #25 TE. I lose both ends of that deal. Tyler Eifert is not the TE upgrade I was hoping for.

To be clear, I politely declined the trade with a note, so I'm not sure why this is coming out in the thread now, but since he called me out here, I'm responding here.

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