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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Thereís some truth to that. Giving up yards was intentional. I donít know what crazy strategy that they have but it works. In the Pete Carroll era, Seattle has given up more than 400 yards passing on only 6 occasions, and they are 6-0 in those games. They donít mind the repeated short yardage, itís the explosive plays they try to prevent. (And failed a couple of times to prevent last Sunday, which Iím sure wasnít in the plan.)

As I said, though, itís weird but it works. Pete basically says he doesnít care if you ďdink and dunkĒ on him, as long as you donít score.

The sacks and hits and other pressure on Wilson werenít intentional either, of course, but that OL is better than it performed and Iím sure theyíll get that fixed.
I agree. We were at the game. It was ugly. But I still have hope for a good season.

(of course, I also thought the Mariners would get 81 wins this year)