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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post

As I said, though, it’s weird but it works. Pete basically says he doesn’t care if you “dink and dunk” on him, as long as you don’t score.

The sacks and hits and other pressure on Wilson weren’t intentional either, of course, but that OL is better than it performed and I’m sure they’ll get that fixed.
The bolded works until you play the Patriots. And those pressures and hits/sacks are a result of a rejuvenated Bengals defensive line that has a LOT of talent on it. Most around the league aren't noticing, but if the Bengals beat Jimmy Garrapolo in convincing fashion, it's going to be because of that line.

The entire team is playing better. Mediocre Marv was the head cheese for SIXTEEN years. Let that marinate.

I'm telling you, don't sleep on them. Seriously.
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