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Originally Posted by FoieGrasIsEvil View Post
The bolded works until you play the Patriots. And those pressures and hits/sacks are a result of a rejuvenated Bengals defensive line that has a LOT of talent on it. Most around the league aren't noticing, but if the Bengals beat Jimmy Garrapolo in convincing fashion, it's going to be because of that line.

The entire team is playing better. Mediocre Marv was the head cheese for SIXTEEN years. Let that marinate.

I'm telling you, don't sleep on them. Seriously.
If nothing else that Bengals pass rush is terrifying. Theyre crazy good. They kept demonstrating during replays how they were off at full speed at the moment the ball is snapped. That is hard to block. I think Cincinnati might be a contender this year. Yeah its only week 1 but they are good.

And John Ross... Being from the Seattle area, I saw a lot of him as a Husky and I thought hed be a star in the NFL. His rookie year was a dud but it seems like hes figuring out how to make his speed work in the pros like he did in college. If he can get his catching skills to improve he will be a huge asset, especially once A.J. Green is back.