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Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post
Cumbrian, once the hangover has receded, any more thoughts from the ground?

I think a lot of the time you get a better idea of what is happening at the wicket off the TV. Field placing wise I thought Root was, yet again, odd today. But bailed out by Archer and latterly Curran doing a better than good job (Smith missing a straight one also a help).

We’re ahead and now need to press home the advantage. As has been pointed out by Mhendo though, aside from Smith, dear lord these sides are not good with the bat. The bowlers are decent but not so good that someone shouldn’t be able to put a score together.

Best bit of today was Cummins ridiculously reviewing his lbw. Didn’t even need to see the ball tracking in the crowd - once it was obvious he hadn’t hit it, it was so plumb. Waving him off before it even got to the ball tracking was pretty fun.