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Originally Posted by Airman Doors, USAF View Post
I did NOT expect the season to start 0-2. I donít know what the deal is with Moncrief, but that drop and interception doomed them.

On the plus side, and there is one even at 0-2, Mason Rudolph looked very much like the future. He didnít make a single mistake outside of throwing the ball to Stone Hands. He definitely validated the faith the team put on him and made trading Dobbs an easy choice. He looked confident when Ben did not.

Damn, I wanted a win out of that. But itís a long season, so Iím not panicked yet.
As a Seattle fan of course I was not rooting for the Steelers, but after a while I was rooting for Rudolph. He was good. I think Pittsburgh fans should be encouraged by his play, as Ben gets older. Rudolph could be a really good QB, he showed a lot of poise and athleticism, even patience when having a defender bearing down at him unblocked. As a second year player thatís impressive.