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Originally Posted by Airman Doors, USAF View Post
Every time he threw the ball he would grab his elbow. I’m not sure if it’s serious but he certainly couldn’t go.
Yeah toward the end of the first half he would grab his throwing elbow. They even burned a timeout to allow him to try to “shake it off” as he wiggled his arm around. He got sacked a few times, the Seattle defense was getting to him, so I don’t know if he got hurt during one of those hits.

After his last possession of the half, he was taken into the locker room for evaluation. He came back out to the sideline but had his hat on, no helmet. The Steelers didn’t get the ball back and the half ended with a missed Seattle field goal.

As they opened the second half, Rudolph took the field and played the rest of the game. So it was serious enough to hang their hopes on an untested QB with no experience (who again, did a great job, they looked better with him than with Ben).