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Week Two Aftermath

Six of the 0-1 teams won their second game. The 0-0-1 Lions won as well.
Cleveland Browns
Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chicago Bears
Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans
Detroit Lions

Here are our nine remaining awkward aspirants, sorted by average margin of loss, and their next opponent:
Miami Dolphins (-46.0) at Cowboys (2-0, +14.0)
Pittsburgh Steelers (-16.0) at 49ers (2-0, +19.0)
New York Giants (-16.0) at Buccaneers (1-1, -4.0)
Cincinnati Bengals (-12.5) at Bills (2-0, +7.5)
New York Jets (-10.5) at Patriots (2-0, +36.5)
Washington Redskins (-7.5) host Bears (1-1, -2.5) Mon Night
Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5) host Titans (1-1, +14.0) Thurs Night
Denver Broncos (-5) at Packers (2-0, +6.0)
Carolina Panthers (-4.5) at Cardinals (0-1-1, -3.0)

Arizona Cardinals (-3.0) host Panthers (0-2, -4.5)

None of the remaining teams looked anything other than pathetic, apart from the Broncos. They're not good, but got a little jobbed at the end of their last game. Looking ahead, it's not good. Most of these teams are on the road next week, five on the road against 2-0 teams. The Patriots and Cowboys are both favored by more than 20 points. I think they'll both cover. The only matchup of winless teams is Panthers at Cardinals. Giants at Bucs might be good, featuring the debut of QB Daniel Jones. Jags at Titans could be entertaining on short rest Thursday. Perhaps there will be more shouting matches or temper tantrums on the sidelines; perhaps some divisional fighting. Otherwise, I see most of these dolt teams next week, still here with the goose egg in the win column.