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Here's a Sports Illustrated article profiling not just the sexual stuff, but numerous incidents of Brown stiffing people. Included are:
A charity art auction where he bid on a portrait of himself, took it home and never paid.
The artist of that piece he later hired to paint a mural in his home. He shows up naked while she's working, then fires her when she rejected him (she at least got paid for the unfinished work).
He posted a video online of him farting while a doctor is giving him an exam. Brown somehow convinces the guy to work with him, but never pays up.
The aforementioned celebrity chef, hired to host a Pro Bowl dinner. Never pays up, and is heard multiple times calling the chef and his team "crackers" while at the dinner party.
Numerous other instances of stiffing and ghosting employees and associates.
Multiple police house calls ranging from potential domestic abuse to outright bizarre.

He sounds like a Trumpian narcissist.