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There was one movie from the 50s--I think it was GENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT--where one character was trying to entice Gregory Peck to come to a party he was throwing. "There'll be some people there. And some girls." That line got some hoots in my 1982 film class...

Also, the scene in MARNIE where Sean Connery forces sex on his new bride Tippi Hedren doubtless was filmed with very different intentions back then than what a modern viewer might read into it. Come to think of it, an awful lot of Sean Connery scenes where he manhandles the ladies as 007 have kind of an icky edge today.

Sinatra and Lawford smacking masseuse asses in OCEAN'S ELEVEN can draw hoots today.


As for ORDINARY PEOPLE, I think the Bob Newhart show broke a lot of ground for normal people in therapy in popular entertainmnet. The revolutionary thing about ORDINARY PEOPLE was that Mary Tyler Moore's character could be such a heavy, or that the matriarch of a "nice" family could mess her kid's mind up so badly. Laura Petrie and Mary Richards were still a recent memory for most people back then; it would be like watching Jennifer Aniston strangle a puppy or something today.