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My vote would go to pretty much any TV show from the 60s and how they depict women as, well, pretty much men's property. All I can say is that as a married adult male, I couldn't stand living like that (well, except for the cooking and cleaning part, maybe).

An easy example can be found right in the theme song to Green Acres

Him : "You are my wife."
Her : "Goodbye city life!"
Both : "Green Acres we are there!"

There was also quite a bit more sexism in the Flintstones that one would have expected from a cartoon. I can't remember a specific example, but there were many.

Speaking of the Flintstones and datedness, there's a rather amusing video making the rounds on the Internet right now. You may be able to find it with a certain file sharing program. It's a really old, black and white animated commercial for Winston cigarettes featuring Fred and Barney.

Choice lines from the commercial :

Fred : "That's right, Barney. Winston is the one filtered cigarette that delivers flavor 20 times a pack."

Barney : "Filter blend makes the big taste difference and only Winston has it, up front where it counts. Here, ahead of the pure white filter. Winston packs rich tobaccos specially selected and specially processed for good flavor and filter smoking."

Also dated are old, racist cartoons that never get shown on TV anymore. Here, again, the Internet is the only way to see what people were really watching back then. I have a WWII-era cartoon called "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips." Terrible, but still interesting to watch just for the jaw-dropping affect it tends to have on me.

I also got a chuckle from an old Twilight Zone episode that featured an aspiring writer trying to get noticed in Hollywood. Someone told him something along the lines of "Hollywood is only looking for good, talented writers with original ideas." That practically made me spit my coke all over my desk.