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Originally posted by Zoggie
As for cigarettes- "The Exorcist" is dated iin that same way. A doctor lights up, and for a moment I knew something was wrong but couldn't put my finger on what...but then I realized. And according to my dad, some of the procedures they do in that movie are things that are needlessly painful now. And there's smoking in "Eye of the Beholder"- a Twilight Zone episodes, circa the 1950's.
This reminds me of something that always makes me laugh in The Day the Earth Stood Still: After Klaatu is shot near the beginning, he is taken to a hospital. Two doctors who have just examined him are standing around, talking about the alien's incredible health; one of them says something like, "His life-span must be twice as long as ours,"--and they both light up cigarettes!

A couple of TV examples that make me think about how much things have changed sociologically:

There's an episode of Bewitched where a woman moves in next door to the Stevenses; she's moved to the suburbs to get away from her extremely jealous football-player boyfriend, who has threatened her if he ever sees her with another man. Darren expresses concern, but no one else seems worried, even the police, even when the football player shows up and finds Darren in her living room. It's all played for laughs, and in the end the woman goes back to her boyfriend.

On the Mary Tyler Moore show, there's an episode where Murray's 15-year-old daughter is working at the station. A college student (played by Bruce Boxleitner!) who also works there wants to date her. Murray is upset when the two go out, but this is seen as his being an overprotective worry-wart, and everyone else laughs off his concerns.